Solid Waste Disposal

We are fortunate that most of the waste in Washington is hauled to more appropriate places than our rivers, wetlands, sidewalks, alleys and roadside ditches. WEDFA uses conduit bond issues to finance various parts of the waste disposal process.

Traditional Solid Waste Collection

If your company is large and services territory in Washington, you probably already know about WEDFA. Our bonds help large waste disposal operations by reducing debt service costs or by helping borrowers maintain cash reserves at prudent levels. If a company seeks financing for resources in multiple locations in the state, WEDFA is a perfect choice for bonds. Unlike local jurisdictions, WEDFA can finance assets anywhere in the state.

If you are a local waste hauler, you should also know about WEDFA. Because your business has relatively stable revenue sources (such as contract payments from municipal governments), you may qualify for bond issues that are relatively inexpensive.

Recycling, Waste Digestion, Composting and Energy Production

Washington state is a national leader in environmental preservation, energy, technology and applied biological sciences. Where these areas of leadership overlap with waste disposal, WEDFA bonds are often part of the process.

WEDFA has been or is involved in various projects throughout the state that use the latest technologies to make the most of all or part of the solid waste stream. WEDFA is anxious to hear about any commercial efforts to utilize material that would otherwise be wasted. Call or send us an email if you are working on such a project.